I have been camping and enjoying nature since I was an infant (no hyperbole).  I had the good fortune of having as my mentors a WWII veteran and active member of the Boy Scouts of America for 64 years as a grandfather (Russell) and a father (Gary) who was a scout (eventually Eagle Scout) at the age of eleven and an angler a few years before that.

My love and respect for nature, as well as a majority of my outdoor related skills, I owe to these men as fathers and scoutmasters.  Because of them, I believe that sportsmen (and women) are stewards of the wilderness.  We have the honor and responsibility to exhibit and extol the virtues of conservation.  And while I do have a general love of nature and the outdoors, my primary love is fishing though I have started the exciting journey towards hunting.


My first catch was a Rainbow trout taken from Rattlesnake Creek (a tributary stream of the Connetquot River / Long Island, NY) when I was  three (3) years old.  The excitement that I felt that day has never waned; my passion for fishing has never waivered.

I spend most of my time fishing freshwater.  My favorite body of water is the Upper Delaware River.  Primarily a spin fisherman specializing in artificial lures, I also enjoy fly-fishing and will occasionally cast from the surf (saltwater).

My favorite species to target are Smallmouth Bass, Trout, and Walleye but I am more than willing to go after anything that swims.  For me, fishing is about the experience and exploration.

“Fishing isn't entirely about fish... Casting into the water is like asking a question and somehow an empty hook is still a satisfactory answer."
~ Steven Rinella

My Last Trip

Date:         10-11 May 2019
Location:  Catskills, NY
​Weather:  60-68 degrees / Partly Cloudy
​Water:      Clear (slight stain) / 50 degrees (approx)

This weekend was the annual volunteer trip to my old boy scout camp; this year with my daughter in tow.  We went fishing immediately upon arrival.  Amid conversation regarding spring peepers (she had never heard them before), my daughter landed her first bass.  We were equally excited and those pictures have made their way around the family.  Saturday morning was for working (she stayed with my dad in camp).  After rowing two docks across the lake and positioning/anchoring the 9 section "T" dock, my daughter and I went to another lake.  She caught several nice pumpkinseed sunfish including the first fish where she casted, hooked, and reeled-in all by her lonesome.  We went back to camp where she opted to catch salamanders allowing me to pay a little more attention to fishing.

The bass pictured is the FIRST fish I have caught with my daughter and holds great importance for me.  Maybe now she'll cool it with the smack talk.  The rest of the night was spent testing a prototype crankbait from Chasing Trophy Fish (definitely successful) and capped off with hotdogs and s'mores roasted by the campfire.

Here's to a summer of fishing adventures with my little girl.